International engineering and consultancy for agricultural equipment and machine manufacturers

Because all agribusinesses in the world are diverse and every client is different, we see ourselves as a partner who gives customized and objective advice to develop an individual solution for each of our clients. We know there is no “one size fits all” and we take our time to analyse each specific case to come up with exactly the solution your business needs at that moment in time.

We have known the agricultural market for more than two decades from different perspectives, internationally and in various dimensions. As a farmer, a mechanic, a mechanical engineer, our founder Alexander Conrad, started the business as an independent international consultant in February 2018. We combine the demands from the market with the conditions of the environment and the requirements from the farmer. We are intermediaries and also interface, so that the right partners in the agribusiness come together.

Our partners are experienced farmers, large custom harvesting businesses, innovative manufacturers and growers of the highest quality produce. For more than 15 years our founder Alexander Conrad has been establishing a large network of valuable and strategic contacts in North America and Europe.

Conrad Agrar Consulting Knows the Machines, the Market & its People

No matter if still in the developing process of a new machine or planning to test an existing prototype – Conrad Agrar Consulting will support your every step along the journey with our year long expertise. So you can have your team working, where they work best – at your company. We are present on site and supervise your projects with maximum efficiency.

Our Strength: Combining High Level Engineering With Hands-on Field Work

Your project will be planned with the highest standards of German engineering and executed on site with top-level mechanical skills. At every stage of your project, Conrad Agrar Consulting will be able to not only provide guidance, but also first hand mechanical support.

A seamless project documentation with competent assessment of progress or bottlenecks enables a lean process across countries. In the past, we have seen teams struggling because the ground crew on-site was not able to report back in-depth to the engineering team at home. At Conrad Agrar Consulting we speak three languages, German, English and agriculture. We understand the different needs and have the competence to “translate” between the parties involved. Our findings can be reported directly back to your team at home, without involving any middle man. This makes your expensive and valuable projects as efficient as possible.

Business in the U.S. Means People Business

Our local partners, here in California and in the rest of the world, are true professionals and usually have run their farms for multiple generations. One reason why they managed to stay in business for such a long time is their ability to form long lasting partnerships, based on trust and moral standards.
At Conrad Agrar Consulting we have a large and ever growing network of partners who are willing to cooperate through us with the European high-end tech suppliers. Getting direct access to those partners is the foundation of every efficient project execution.