Office in the Heart of Silicon Valley

The main U.S. office of Conrad Agrar Consulting is based in Redwood City, CA, a city in the heart of the San Francisco peninsula. Our strategic location grants us simultaneous access to all of the four major agricultural regions of California: the San Joaquin Valley, the Salinas Valley, Napa and Sonoma, where a broad range of our customers, equipment dealers and agricultural manufacturers are located. Within the heart of Silicon Valley we collaborate with innovative pioneers from diverse fields and witness the merge of various technologies within the AgTech industry.

But Conrad Agrar Consulting goes beyond the North American market: Wwe can handle your international projects and have previously worked around Europe, in Australia and New Zealand and are quickly able to move into any other market proposed.

California – Leading State in Agricultural Services

Our location combines the best of both worlds: we are close to California’s center of Tech and at the same time located in one of the most popular agricultural markets in the United States:

  • With 22% of the nation’s agricultural products, California is the leading state in production and agricultural services in the United States
  • Nowhere else in the Northern Hemisphere there is a broader variety of crops grown and higher yields harvested then in the agricultural Valleys of California
  • Nine out of the top ten United States agricultural counties are based in California
  • In 2018, 4% of U.S. farmers in CA generated $50.13 billion, or 13% of total U.S. agricultural production, making the state the driving force of U.S. agriculture

California is also the most important export market for agricultural machinery from all over world, led by Germany, followed by Italy and France. Reliable and renowned technology „made in Germany“ is very popular and high in demand among California’s agriculture.

Our Test Market in California

Leading international agricultural machinery manufacturers already test their prototypes in California because of the unique and harsh environmental conditions and outstanding yields.

  • Year-round machinery utilisation enables harvesting operations of up to 2,500 hours per year, which is unique worldwide
  • Peak temperatures of 48 degrees Celsius and record yields place extreme demands on the operational reliability of agricultural machinery and operators
  • Months of drought and sandy soils cause extreme wear and tear and continuously push harvesters to their performance limits
  • The California Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enacts the strictest laws. The latest and most modern technologies have to follow the strictest regulations here

The intensive testing enables rapid machine validation. That means potential problems are identified early on and results are evaluated promptly.

„If your machine survives California, it will succeed anywhere in the world!“ 
(Mitchell T. San Joaquin County, California)