What we offer

Our main consulting business is supporting European manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment abroad, with our current primary focus on the North American Market. Whether you want to analyse a new market opportunity, enhance and develop your product around market specific requirements or test new equipment in a unique environment, we will guide you through the entire process. Our services are fast, reliable and hands-on. We acquire our knowledge in the fields and translate them into practical mechanical feedback.

Our main focus is North America

With the most extreme and wear-intensive operating conditions for agricultural machinery, the US West is ideal for prototype testing. California, Nevada and Arizona provide record temperatures, yields and operating times not found anywhere else in the world.

Business & Market Analysis

Understanding foreign agricultural markets and business opportunities can be intimidating and without an existing network, it might be challenging to obtain much needed in-depth market knowledge. ConradAgrarConsulting helps you make these opportunities more accessible and expand your business abroad. By providing in-depth knowledge and practise-oriented results directly from the source, we help you evaluate different market opportunities. With our support, you can combine the right people, tools and data for insights that enable better decisions and long term growth.

The time is now:
Explore the opportunities of the USA

For traditional companies in Europe the foreign markets of North America can be overwhelming or intimidating at times. While a new global economy is raising with major shifts in China and other parts of the world, the United States and Canada still remain the most important agricultural markets till today. We are your extended arm in these markets and conduct research where you need it. With our decade long expertise, we are able to translate our findings into concise and easy to implement strategies so you can focus on the core of your business: your equipment.


From idea stage to finished product

We support you from the idea generation throughout the designing and manufacturing process and ensure your product is market ready and in compliance with country and state specific laws. Our approach to helping you is not just short term: We are interested in establishing a long term partnership and will support you during the entire product-development process, offer guidance to ensure that your products are intuitive and easy to use and compatible with local standards and conditions. We can also help you with demonstrations and the establishment of a dealer or partner network.

ConradAgrarConsulting serves as a source of advice and support during new product development processes for European agricultural machine manufacturers, OEM-suppliers and providers of agricultural applications by assisting them to better understand and adapt to the conditions and environment of today’s international agricultural market.


Solid testing is the most important step in the development of your machines and we take it very seriously. Our consultancy is home to one of the harshest testing markets for agricultural equipment in the world: California. We are here to support you to find a local partner to test your equipment in your targeted market. We ensure your prototype will be run and tested under harsh and extreme conditions, which will ultimately lead to a long lasting and competitive product.

Field testing

According to your goals we will support your prototype throughout the entire testing period and provide all the necessary assets to the test client. Our continuous presence in the fields allows us to quickly adjust to any occurring or unexpected circumstances, so your prototype will experience an intensive validation with the highest amount of field exposure possible.


We will prepare a technical documentation and report all test results to your engineering department, once the testing is successfully accomplished. During the test procedure we will also keep you updated about its progress in short terms on demand. We make sure all results can be easily applied by your engineering team. We can also present and discuss the outcome in person with the appropriate audience from your company and go through the following steps together with your engineering, marketing and sales department. According to your preference, you can choose to receive all reports and data in English or German language. In addition to testing your products in the United States or Canada, we also offer prototype testing in other foreign markets as desired. Our team of specialists will go out in the fields with you and get the job done: with a hands-on mentality and a clear focus on what is important to you as our customer.


This will be the next chapter in agriculture

As transparency and a sustainable food chain are experiencing an increasing demand, in Silicon Valley a vastly growing number of venture capital backed start-up‘s are integrating various technologies as automation, sensors, robotics, drones and satellites, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based Big Data platforms into agriculture to improve every aspect of crop management and food production to meet these consumer driven demands. In cooperation with our partner - the German American Chamber of Commerce of the West in San Francisco - you can join us for an „AgTech Innovation Journey“ in February 2020 and dive into the Silicon Valley ecosystem to experience the unique mindset and what makes this area so successful. We will enable you to meet with local industry leaders, accelerators and agricultural technology startups. Explore new trends and expand your network, identify new opportunities and how your enterprise could be disrupted by the latest technologies and innovations to enhance your own business model.

A question that is nowadays concerning a lot of farmers and manufacturers is, if the AgTech and Food industry in Silicon Valley is of any importance to them. If you want to learn more about this rapidly developing industry, ConradAgrarConsulting can help you find answers to your questions. We are well established in the vastly rising AgTech industry, which is emerging alongside new technologies in the San Francisco Bay Area.