Alexander Conrad has been an independent engineer and expert for the international agricultural market for more than 20 years. Due to his unique career and professional experience in agriculture, he knows the different perspectives of an operator, mechanic and engineering developer.

An early passion leads to a profession

Growing up on a farm in Germany, Alexander Conrad started gaining deep knowledge about the world of agriculture from an early age already. Following his passion, he became an industrial mechanic by trade and completed an apprenticeship as the basis of his education. After that Alexander graduated as a mechanical engineer from the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, Germany with a focus on agricultural technologies.

Alexander is a mechanic by trade and has spent his early career in Germany and Europe servicing, repairing and maintaining equipment of all kinds and learning about agricultural from scratch. Throughout his career as a mechanical engineer Alexander has tested and developed the latest equipment and machinery in the fields of Europe, across the Midwest and Canada and under the harsh conditions of California, the agricultural hub of the U.S.

The Start of Conrad Agrar Consulting

After very successfully graduating as a mechanical engineer within the young age of 25, the following years of working in product management, engineering and field testing granted Alexander extensive experience within the product development of agricultural machinery. In February 2018 Alexander took his passion for agriculture to the next level and founded ConradAgrarConsulting in California‘s Silicon Valley to become the leading source of advice for international product development for European agricultural equipment and machine manufacturers.
Carrying this idea around for almost ten years, the final impulse to start the firm and his own engineering business in the United States came throughout his „Bike the Ag-world“-travels across North America on a motorcycle.

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