Conrad Agrar Consulting

We are a unique agricultural and mechanical consulting business based in California, the heart of Americas agriculture.

ConradAgrarConsulting LLC, is the very first of its kind agricultural consulting business providing techinical services to two primary types of clients among the agricultural industry.



ConradAgrarConsulting serves as the source of advice and support during the new product development process for American and international agricultural machine manufacturers, OEM-suppliers and providers of agricultural applications by assisting them to better understand and adapt to the conditions and environment of todays American agricultural market.


ConradAgrarConsulting supports farmers and agricultural businesses in the United States with guidance in choosing the most suitable equipment available in nowadays rapidly developing agricultural market, so you can focus on maximizing their productivity. In addition we offer technical service trainings and education programs for operators to help eliminate down time and increase the equipments efficiency.


ConradAgrarConsulting provides expertise and support by adapting American manufacturer's products to the foreign export market of Europe. We ensure the physical and market viability of agricultural machinery and equipment built in the United States and its successful implementation in the very different geographic areas all over Europe.


Because every agribusiness in America is very diverse and every client is different, we see ourselves as a strong partner who gives independent and objective advice to develop a very individual solution.

We have known the agricultural market for more than two decades from different perspectives, internationally and in various dimensions. As a user, a developer and an independent international consultant. 

We combine the requirements of the user with the conditions of the environment and the offer of the market. We are intermediaries and also interface, so that the right partners come together.

Because our partners are experienced farmers, large custom harvesting businesses, innovative manufactures and growers of the highest quality produce. Over a decade our Founder Alexander Conrad has been established a large network of valuable and strategic contacts in North America and Europe. 

We are close to the American Farmers and customers as well as to the manufacturers because both services complement each other. We analyze and evaluate needs and requirements – always flexible and agile.


We are in the fields most of the time working very close with our clients. Have a look!

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