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How do I find a strategic partner in the U.S. agriculture?

If you are a supplier or manufacturer of ag-equipment, with ConradAgrarConsulting you have a partner who supports you in finding the appropriate location for your business, get in touch with the right partners and connect with your future customers and clients within the American Agribusiness.

How can I find the best suitable equipment for my farm?

As an independent advisor we offer you guidance in the equipment purchasing process and make sure among all brands you will find the latest development of equipment or precision farming application, which absolutely suits your individual needs and will increase the quality and productivity of your business.

How do I find a reliable partner for my field testing?

With multiple years of experience in field testing activities we will help you to find the right test side for your products in North America, support you throughout the entire process as well as ensure the results will communicated straight back to your engineering department in the language you prefer.

How do we enter new markets in Europe?

With the experience of two decades among the agricultural business in Europe ConradAgrarConsulting will support you as a source of advice while emerging your presence in Europe. We will assist you to better understand and adapt your products to the individual conditions of the new markets.

How to develop succesful products for North America?

ConradAgrarConsulting will support and advice you during the Product Development process, so you can be certain your machine and products suit American farmers, resists the harsh environmental conditions and are in line with the federal American and individual state laws.

How do I raise the qualification of my operator?

To operate equipment more efficiently, reduce breakdowns and achieve a longer lifetime, we will educate operators, mechanics and formen with hands on training courses on how to operate and maintain your equipment more effectively and how to properly and reliable repair your machinery.

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