What can we do for you

The American  agricultural market is very different from the European one and both even vary a lot within themselves. For European manufacturer we will be your local business and product development partner in California, with the main focus on the processes of concept testing, business analytics and technical product development as validation and verification procedures.

For you as an American agricultural machine manufacturer we promise you to receive support and advice from Alexander Conrad himself as an experienced specialist, who has grown up in the European agribusiness and knows these conditions very well. Our guidance will allow you to design and manufacture products that will suit the needs of the approached clients in their individual market well. We offer an extensive support to you during your major steps of the New Product Development Cycle for a product designated to be exported to the North American or European Market.


Our approach isn't just a onetime product fix; we also work to improve the ongoing product-development process. We offer guidance to ensure that new agricultural products and precision farming applications are designed and deployed in such as fashion as to be intuitive and easy to use for farmers, as well as compatible with local conditions.


We support you to find a local partner to test your latest developments in your targeted market, especially if they are far away. We will support you through the entire process of the field testing and ensure you receive the feedback you are looking for in the language you wish and make sure your engineering department can easily apply the results into your future product development.


We offer insights and market intelligence from the view of your targeted future customer and guide you through the process of establishing an export strategy which individually suits your portfolio and the targeted market.


Customers are the source of real growth. ConradAgarConsulting combines in-depth customer insights with practical expertise in operations and economics to help you create sustainable and effective value. We support you to combine the right people, tools and data for insights that can enable better decisions and longterm growth.

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