What we can do for you

We are focused on helping American Farmers choose the most efficient machinery and precision farming applications in the vastly developing agricultural market to maximize your farms productivity and help eliminate down time from broken equipment. We provide you with a broad portfolio of services that we put together according to your individual requirements.

No matter if you are a single farmer or a commercial farming operation. Because of our experience we promise to provide you with an independent support in your decisions, in a market that is eveolving quicker then it ever has before.


Consulting and providing technical support to you around choosing, purchasing and handling of highly advanced agricultural machinery, equipment and precision agriculture applications. These services will help you to reduce breakdowns, operate your equipment more efficient, achieve a longer lifetime and increase your productivity and profits. The result of our work will deliver you a highly suitable solution of equipment and application, that is not related to any brand but suits your individual needs the best possible way.


For your entire crew or individual employees we offer technical workshops and hands on training courses on how to operate modern agricultural equipment more effectively and safer. Alexander Conrad instructs and supervises the participants in the workshops on how to repair and fix minor to medium issues on nowadays advanced machinery themselves.

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