California is the most abundant state in terms of the American agribusiness. 9 out the top 10 United States agricultural counties are located in California, with the three leading counties closely grouped together in the area between Tulare and Bakersfield. With 14% of American agricultural business activity taking place in a single state, $5.8 billion were spent in California, out of the $41.7 billion in agricultural service expenditures in the U.S. in 2016. Nowhere else in the Northern Hemisphere there is a broader variety of crops grown and higher yields harvested then in the agricultural Valley’s of California. 




The main U.S. office of ConradAgrarConsulting is based in Redwood City, CA, a city in the heart of the San Francisco peninsula. Major manufacturer and developer of Precision Agriculture software and equipment are located in very close proximity and right next to us here in the centre of the Silicon Valley. Beside the innovativ environment of the San Francisco bay our location has been a strategic decision, which gives us simultaneous access to the three major agricultural areas in the state of California, where a broad range of our customers, equipment dealers and agricultural manufacturers are located.

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